Edmund Blackadder's School Days.

St. Bartholomew's
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Non Sibi Sed Scholae

Hello all, and may we warmly welcome you to the archives of St. Bartholomew's!

St. Bartholomew’s Public School is a country house, formerly the home of the highly esteemed Aricton family, set amidst the English countryside of Sussex. The school houses no more than 140 selected boys each year – these students are divided into four houses: Bacon, Blake, Austen and King (all named after literary figures). Since its inception in the early 19th century, it has been home to no more than 140 boys each year, priding itself on an education that is both practical and moral.

Now it is 1924, and the students are accepted by K. Richards, the current headmaster. He still lives by the motto that the founder Roderick Williams announced on the day of the school’s opening: "Non Sibi Sed Scholae" ("Not for Self but for School").

The archives are the collected writings and records of the students who attend, and their suffering teachers. One such student is Edmund Blackadder, whose reputation has probably preceded him.

If you were looking for cunning plans, power struggles, romance and teenage boys larking about in frocks, then you may like to keep an eye on this place. We're leaving our story-telling to a group of adolescent minds - who knows what could be ahead!

St. Bart’s is not a real public school - though some of us may wish to know those who inhabit it - but an RPG (Role Playing Game), where writers can have fun by pretending to be someone very different.

We’ve taken several of the characters from the BBC comedy series Blackadder, and put them in a new scenario as students and teachers during the 1920s (adding a few characters from the books of P.G. Wodehouse along the way). Over the coming year, each of us is going to be responsible for writing as at least one of these characters. We’ll be charting their school year, affairs, rivalries and triumphs, everything they go through and feel the need to jot down!

Will George stop pining for Flossy, and recognise Melchett's feelings for him? Will Blackadder throw off his title of 'Nastiest Boy' among the fags, or continue to be an utter bastard? Will he, or indeed anyone else, get in Nurse Fletcher-Brown's pants?


This is a closed comm. All writers must be recommended by a current member to the mods, or should email the mods direct (see contact info below). We don't bite, but we want to maintain a good standard of writing and make sure everyone is committed! :) Browse the list of available characters and let us know the following:

- who you'd like to play
- past writing experience - fic, RPG, etc.
- why St. Bart's is a jolly good idea, in 10 words or less! ;)


Prominent Disclaimer: All recognisable characters belong to the BBC and the Estate of PG Wodehouse. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended. St. Bart's crest © Michael Hollyfield, used without permission.


Prominent Porn Warning: This is an adult RPG, containing slash - m/m intimate relationships, and graphic descriptions of gay sex (and if we can get it, lesbian sex, too). There may also be some violence - this is a boys' school, after all! If you join or friend this community, you are confirming that you are of an age to read this material in your country of origin. The mods hereby disclaim all responsibility for those who ignore this warning.


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